DEBATE: Atheists vs Christians (Hitchens / Fry vs Archbishop / Widdecombe)

Debate topic: Is the Catholic church a force for good in the world?
Intelligence 2 (Squared) debate between Christopher Hitchens / Stephen Fry vs Archbishop John Onaiyekan / Ann Widdecombe
Filmed in 2009 at Central Hall Westiminster in London.
Opening Statements
2:02 Archbishop Onaiyekan
13:50 Christopher Hitchens
*** Christopher Hitchens at his finest! 14:42 ***
34:31 Ann Widdecombe
47:57 Stephen Fry (awesome)!
Closing Statements
1:37:40 Stephen Fry
1:40:24 Ann Widdecombe
1:45:08 Christopher Hitchens
1:51:17 Archbishop Onaiyekan
Debate Voting Results


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